Highly-Trained PPC Experts

The ManageMyPPC team is led by veteran PPC and Online Business expert, A.M. Khan. A.M. has been managing client's campaigns for over 10 years. His clients range from single successful solopreneurs... to major advertisers who sometimes spend upwards of a million dollars a month. AM Khan and his team is also responsible for the development of many popular Google Adwords software tools that are used by thousands of agencies.You can find out more about AM Khan by visiting his profile website at www.amkhan.com

Each manager inside the ManageMyPPC team follow A.M.'s strict protocols... and, before any campaign is launched, it's reviewed and approved personally by A.M. This ensures your campaign meets the same standards that A.M.'s highest paying clients receive. A.M. also personally manages the deployment of optimization within each account... which ensures that your account uses industry best practices with a customized optimization strategy by an industry veteran.

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